H2BOK - 7 - The Down

New Podcast Episode!!!

But it’s not really really really depressing. It’s ok! It’s even fun!

I’m actually really proud of this one. It’s a topic that both Lindsay and I have explored a lot in our own lives, and I think it’s something that you can radically improve your relationship with in a way that makes a really good difference in your life. And this recording is a good step in that direction.

Hope you enjoy!!

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On Becoming an Alchemist

Jacobs Ladder

Marion Woodman: Coming Home to Myself

The Real Value of Authenticity - This Authentic Life with Jason Digges

What is the real value of authenticity?

I recorded a thing with Jason Digges of The Integral Center. We answer that question, and talk about problems with circling, and some other fun relational and spiritual things.

I really enjoyed recording this and I think we *nailed* it. I got to say some of the things I've been cooking on for a long time very clearly and concisely, and had a lot of fun doing it.

So I hope you listen!


Ps, you can listen on the web at the above link, or search for "This Authentic Life" in your regular podcast player.

7 Things Circling Gets Wrong


The 7 (ish) things

  1. Group Health
  2. The Circling Trance
  3. The Eye Contact Imperative
  4. Staying on Your Map
  5. Spectator Therapy
  6. Agency-Centric
  7. Unconscious Power Dynamics
  8. Fascism

Recorded at the Relational Leadership Summit 2016, at the Boulder Integral Center.

It's based on years of circling experience, and the contrast between what I learned in the Circling world and certain other modalities/schools (Specifically NLP Marin, Matrix Leadership, and Luminous Awareness Institute)

One thing I want to note; in the talk I use the word fascism in a slightly hyperbolic, maybe  facetious way. It's bizarre to think that in just a year so much has changed that actual fascism is now a legitimate concern. If I were giving this talk today, I may or may not have used that term, and if I did, I certainly would have held it a little differently.

I hope you enjoy! And please reach out and let me know your thoughts.